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Daytime Napping Improves Memory | Brain Blogger

Very good article with references to some papers on the subject.

On aside note: I noticed myself that a short (up top 30 min.) nap speeds up learning and, well, is very refreshing! 🙂

Napping sounds like just the thing for babies and elderly, but even healthy adults can rely on a daytime snooze to improve their mood, alertness, and memory. Napping has been shown to enhance memory performance and counteract the effects of fatigue. Firefighters, doctors, astronauts, pilots and other professions that handle complicated procedures for long hours are often advised to take a nap during rest time. While many studies support the notion that napping strengthens existing memory, a recent study suggests that napping also reorganizes memory and links information together to form memory networks for easy retrieval at a later time.

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