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November Impressions

And now to something completely different – some pictures taken this month… We do not have the snow yet (the first is just to come) but everything is slowly preparing to sleep.

Despite my beautiful orchids.


Vodpod videos no longer available.



Daytime Napping Improves Memory | Brain Blogger

Very good article with references to some papers on the subject.

On aside note: I noticed myself that a short (up top 30 min.) nap speeds up learning and, well, is very refreshing! 🙂

Napping sounds like just the thing for babies and elderly, but even healthy adults can rely on a daytime snooze to improve their mood, alertness, and memory. Napping has been shown to enhance memory performance and counteract the effects of fatigue. Firefighters, doctors, astronauts, pilots and other professions that handle complicated procedures for long hours are often advised to take a nap during rest time. While many studies support the notion that napping strengthens existing memory, a recent study suggests that napping also reorganizes memory and links information together to form memory networks for easy retrieval at a later time.

Read more here: Daytime Napping Improves Memory | Brain Blogger.

Today’s highlight – from Pick the Brain

“It’s All About Attitude: 6 Ways To Stay Positive” – Written by David Bernard on November 7, 2010 – very good article in Pick the Brain, good read!
From the article:

“How we choose to start a new day can be our single most effective way to impact having a good day. Waking up with a positive outlook, hopeful about what is in store for us, excited about the myriad of possibilities will lead us down one path. Worrying about what we have to get done, anxious about having enough time to do it, confused about the best way to get it all done is an entirely different situation. And more often than not, once we start down one path, we tend to stick to it. The direction is up to each of us and the first steps we take each day will dictate which path we ultimately follow. Once we are up and running, life tends to hit us head on and despite our best made plans and preparations, we better learn to expect the unexpected. Everything from one of the kids sick on Monday morning to excessive commute traffic on the way to work to power outages and the computers are down, count on each day being full of surprises. How we choose to deal with these surprises will again greatly influence what kind of a day we have. It is easy to get caught up in the negativity and lose the positive perspective that we started with. How can we stay positive and fend off negativity when it comes our way? It’s all about attitude. Having a positive attitude is not some trick that can be learned by reading a book or listening to a video. The ability to stay positive in spite of all that is going on around us cannot be bought in a store. It is a lifestyle choice that requires ever-vigilant attention and consistent effort. We all know people who seem to be perpetually positive, optimistic, and energetic. Their smile is contagious and we want to bask a bit in their glow. And generally we wish to be like them – at least a little – if we somehow could. Is there a map somewhere to direct us toward that path walked by the positive people? There may not be a map but there are some hints that might help us to start the journey.”

Read more here:
…and what a wonderful picture illustrates the article!

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So, hello another blog…


I decided to make another blog – this time on
Why? Simply because it’s easy, much easier than self-hosted one. And it looks splendid on mobile phones by default…
What Mini Uni will be about time will show. But I think it will be a mixture of links to the articles I find interesting (with my modest comments) plus a bit of pictures and loose thoughts/associations “on the go”.  As the subtitle here says: “Highlights of the day from the small Universe perspextive”.
It’s so easy to blog from mobile here on WordPress. Splendid, native Android app… Yeps, that’s why! 🙂
Wishing everybody a very nice day/night.

PS. This post will be automatically shared with Buzz, Twitter and Facebook. Extremely comfy.